I usually answer “duct tape” for any question about managing or disciplining children (then I get those…is this lady serious? – looks). I thought it would be fun to do an interactive post for all my readers. Let’s come up with some “unique Louisiana” uses for duct tape. I’ll start & then you play along – which means you have to register to comment if you are reading this on NOLA.com or just comment away Kiss My Gumbo. BTW (by the way), today is the last day full day to vote for this blog in the Weblog Awards (share the LA LOVE)

1. to secure the beer in your hand on a windy day on the Riverfront in New Orleans
2. to block off an area for you and your friends at Jazzfest (crime scene tape may work better)
3. ……….

6 Replies to “101 uses for Duct Tape in Louisiana”

  1. To keep everyone else from my Crawfish!!

    mmm… crawfish…. eventually, I gotta get back home and get
    back home and get some.

  2. 1. To secure your child to the mardi gras ladder.
    2. To attach a sign to your mardi gras ladder that says, “Throw me somethin’ mister!”

  3. You can use it to remove warts. Just put a piece over the wart like a bandaid and it’ll be gone in a few days. My hubby used it once to repair a crotch split on his jeans at work one day. (This one I would NOT reccommend) It was a hot summer day and as he worked and sweated, the tape came loose from the inside of the jeans and twisted. It effectively stuck to the hair on his legs and had him twisted into a houdini pretzel. Obviously hot sticky duct tape sticks better to skin and hair than it does to jeans. LOL.

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