The kids want a Wii, they need new scooters and after that I am at a loss. I give a few family gifts to relatives and am clueless on that too. I could use some peanut gallery suggestions. I have my Absolut New Orleans for friends outside of the state – but I am sucking shopping wind this year – HELP!

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  1. If you are looking for a unique and sentimental idea, you could donate money to the recipient’s favorite charity in their honor.

    Last year, I recall a lady stating she bought a dairy goat for a starving family in another country, and donated it in the friends’ names. Here’s a link with lots of other charitable ideas.

    How many people do you know can say they gave a goat as a Christmas gift? 😉

  2. Hi Greta, Just a note–I always try to get the children – something to read, something to listen to, something to share with siblings, something to share with Dad, and something soft. Even though two of my children are adults I still try to do that. The biggest hit was really soft, fluffy blankets. It is something that will last all year. We also give bookstore gift cards and then one day during the Christmas week we all go together and pick out books and share what we have gotten–that works real well – especially as adults.

    My mother-in-law’s favorite gift was giving her Barnes & Noble card and coffee shop card and she could spend all morning there!! i have made the girls in my son’s lives special pillowcases and a good pillow! So easy to do and a big hit!!

  3. Greta,

    I’m giving the gift of health … MONAVIE! It’s great nutrition, all in one bottle. It’s a cellular food, providing the body what it needs to heal … not to mention the energy these fantastic fruits provide!

    Enjoy your day,


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