Blogging Fodder
Let’s face it, this cartoon tells it all. If you do or say something stupid…you will be blogged. I have had the occasion of people asking me, “You won’t blog about this …will you?” My usual answer is, “Oh yes, everything is blogworthy, but I change names to protect the innocent.” My friends and family knows that what they say and do will be used against them as a blog post! Let’s just face it, big brother is everywhere & not just because of blogs! Every stinkin 11 yo has a cell phone with a camera (except mine). People are impulsive and love playing “show and tell” with technology. You take a picture – you post it on MySpace. You take a video – you post it on YouTube. I’m almost afraid to pick my nose in the privacy of my own car anymore or even worse, pick my wedgy in public!

As a teenager I had the fear of ending up on the back cover of Glamour with a black bar over my eyes. That ain’t nothing compared with what could be done with a picture of me walking into Rouse’s on one of those “I just don’t feel pretty today because I need to scrub my toilets then go to the grocery store to get something to make for dinner and wait, I need to adjust my bra in the parking lot and I can’t be bothered with make-up or hairspray!” Trust me – you don’t want to see me on those days. Thank goodness we don’t have the technology to share smells over the internet. I was as ripe as a rotten banana when I graced Rouse’s with my presence after organizing an attic for 5 hours! Be on the lookout readers…for you may be my next blogging victim!