Thursday was D-day for my master bathroom. Amazing what taking a wall out will do. I am very happy with the process so far and the work ethics of Jim, my tile and “go to” dude. He is trying to help me orchestrate this little but very expensive project and he couldn’t be nicer.

I am glad that I did my homework and surfed the internet for hours on end to get exactly what I wanted to fit our budget. Every local small business has met the prices from the internet and I sunk money into the local economy-yay for Mandeville. I did not purchase anything from a large warehouse type store (if you know what I mean). Also, I must add that I have received first class service at all the places I have bought my products so far- free delivery of bathtub etc….Still having bathtub buyers remorse, but I’ll get over it.

I put my foot down today and said fugetaboutit to the plumber. Who doesn’t break down a $5600 quote for a bathroom? I tried to get them to do it but they refused….next! I bought all the supplies up front….all he has to do is show up! Why oh why didn’t I shoot for a career as a plumber? Really, $5600 (the cost of a boob job or a family trip to Hawaii, ) to jackhammer 2 holes, move 2 drains, install 2 faucets, shower head and the pipe for a free standing tub? Two days work – tops. I charge $25 and hour to organize a house – physical and mental labor with a stinking master’s degree under my belt! 2 days of plumbing times 16 hours does not come close to $5600!!!