Work with me here New Orleans. We want to “come back and rebuild,” so in my humble opinion – WE SHOULD ALL SUPPORT OUR TEAMS!!! Last night my family attended the Hornets game and the arena was only about 30% filled. I’ll cut you some slack as it was a Monday night after a holiday against a stinker team. But you weren’t there New Orleans and the Hornets lost. Guilt trip here – it is all your fault NOLA – you weren’t there to cheer them on! Whether you like sports or not, there is something for everyone at the game and the fans that were there rocked!

professional sports teams + filled arena = better team + more$ into our local economy

Capisce? I was able to live blog the game and it was a blast for me. Of course my observations strayed past the court as well…cute beer dude, drool cotton candy, fishnets at a game….catch my drift? Bummer they lost and honestly, they could have played better, but….maybe if New Orleans stood behind them more it would motivate them more. They have great deals for tix and even offer a family pack for 4 tix for $77 where you get 4 hot dogs, 4 7UPs and 4 chips. Not too shabby if you ask me. Next home game is Saturday night at 7:00 vs. Dallas. Go to dinner at Copelands in the arena and let the kids go do all the fun activities and have a great time! Heck, the movies costs more than that! Go buy your tix today. Way cool too – season ticket holders can sell their tickets on-line and we can buy them.

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