This is my own little op-ed with incessant ramblings. Hey, give me a break, I’m a blogger (not a journalist) and you have to bare with me while I piece together the random jumbled thoughts that the hamster in my brain is generating!

Can you see the surprised look on my face when the world found out that Mayor Nagin didn’t vote? NOT! Really, do we really care if he did vote or not? Should we be surprised he couldn’t make it to the polls? Should this make the front page? Do we really want his vote? Did he have a shred of credibility before we found out this Earth-shattering breaking news? NOT!

What about those Jersey cops at Hooters? Who the heck really cares (except their wives)? Why is this front page news??? If there was discrimination and racism – I care – but who cares about Hooters pictures? That is all anyone got out of the article anyways.

If there is one thing the Princess of Positive (yours truly) can’t stand, it is hypocrites. Vitters preached family values and then visited a brothel. I did not have sexual relations with that woman & I did not take steroids are recent lies. However, if those involved were preaching no infidelity and no performance enhancing drugs – they are not only liars but hypocrites! I think as Americans we should expect hypocrisy from our politicians and leaders. Not that we have to like it or condone it – but accept that they will say what we want to hear. Then again, we are all hypocrites at some point in our lives. Or are we?

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One Reply to “Do as I say, not as I do”

  1. Okay – here is the strong cup of coffee to go with your beignet.

    It is important to receive lessons from hypocrisy, particularly when it is our own. The lesson we don’t want to teach is that of apathy. It may not be worthy of front page news, but politicians and leaders shouldn’t be Teflon. Things they do shouldn’t bounce right off of them with no accountability. And each person gets to decide for themselves what is worthy of exposure/accountability and what isn’t. That is what is great. If you don’t like the headline or the talking pundits, dismiss the discussion.

    As for the media, they are supposed to read the pulse of their readers, listeners, and viewers. Not always the case, sadly, as in the Hooters piece you referenced.

    Good post on a valuable subject, in my opinion. I enjoy your occasional rants.

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