Did you ever have one of those days where you felt like something your dog dragged out from the litter box (ewww)? Well, yours truly has had a few this past week. Don’t panic and don’t start sending meals over (though if you know anything about my cooking disability – my family would always appreciate a good meal -hehehe). I am in limbo for a little pre or post holiday minor surgery (not sure which one yet) to remove some unnecessary items from my body that am sure weigh at least 2 pant sizes (I don’t remember asking Santa or the Hannukah Fairy for this- so major weight loss is expected immediately – got that?). Anyhoo, back to the post. I decided, while I was curled up in a ball on the couch today, that I would watch something on TV that would require absolutely no brain cells. I found it, BINGO, “The Housewives of Orange County” (Keeping up with the Kardashians wasn’t on).

I really don’t have anything against people with tons of money, I really am happy that they have achieved their dream goal or status level, really I am. You drive a car worth more than my house, good for you. You buy a pair of shoes that costs more than the budget for my entire family’s clothes for one year, well I hope you enjoy them. Not one to be a social climber or forgetting that there is a war going on or that my children need me to be home to help them do homework more than “I” need a job that requires me to be away from them whenever they are home from school. Fortunately, my life was mapped out well and I married a hard worker and good provider. This allows me the opportunity to do those things which we find more important than a huge second income (though more than a few hundred a month would be nice – HINT HINT NOLA.com, Gambit, Times-Picayune, Louisiana TV & radio stations, blognetnews.com, Inside Northside magazine and whoever needs their house organized (shameless self-promotion – say it – Greta is soooo Orange County self-absorbed).

Since we are a culture so obsessed with plastic people and people who have bankrolls in digits we aren’t able to read without having to look up zero places in the dictionary, a few things went through my brain while watching this waste of TV air. Dang hamster, I needed to shut him down while I had a pity party on the couch, this show was supposed to help me achieve the goal of “static brain.” The running hamster made me think about this show being about me and a few of my pals -or about you and few of your pals. Would you be so, plastic and self-consumed with yourself that every other word out of your mouth be about “me” or “my happiness” or “I need?” Not!

How about, the real housewives of Louisiana during Mardi Gras season? Never mind…that could be scary. But, maybe only scary at the few “kids not included events.” Actually, the program would be boring, because people here are just people…not! To me, every single person that I have the pleasure of coming in some type of contact with or learn a story about, enriches my life. I guess that is a self-gratification thing, but “I” really do soak up others around me and hope to become a better person because of them. So I take it back, the show wouldn’t be boring at all, because there is no such thing as a boring person. We may not think some people are as exciting as others or bring a lot to the “party” table, but there is so much more to life than that.

Next time I want to kill any remaining brain cells, I will watch, The Real Housewives of Orange County. If I want to exercise the few remaining ones I have, I think The Real Housewives of Louisiana would be the show for that. Louisianans got it going on and I love their MOJO! Though I am a Yankee in Louisianan’s clothing. One day I hope to be a Louisianan in Louisianan’s clothing, with an occasional Yankee alcohol induced accent slipping in from time to time. Yep, this show would kick more butt than K-Ville!

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