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Dear Princess of Positive,

My husband has been offered a great job opportunity in New Orleans. I keep hearing the crime and bad stuff in the news and am hesitant to even consider this move. We have small children and I would hate to bring them into a dangerous situation. Many reports are describing the area as a third world country and my family and friends think we are crazy to expose our children to this voluntarily. I need some advice from someone like yourself, who chose to move their family to the area, Post-Katrina. Please help me as we need to make a decision ASAP.
~Joy from Pasadena~

Dear Joy,

Go ahead and get out the 4 columns of paper and put: 1. positives for staying, 2. positives for going, 3. negatives for staying and 4. negatives for going. Work this list out with your husband. Research the housing market, the suburbs and the school situations. Remember, not everyone who works in New Orleans lives in New Orleans either, there are tons of wonderful surrounding communities. Clear any negative notions or press about the area from your mind and come for a weekend or longer and feel the vibe of the city and the people. Life is about opportunities and taking chances. You need to do what is best for you and your family, but keep an open mind while researching the area. Think of all the wonderful things you will be exposing your family to in Louisiana (culture, art, food, music). Let me know when you make your move, I’d love to meet you for coffee.
~Greta “The Princess of Positive”~