UGH!!!!! So the little bugger didn’t want to go to school. Maybe all he wanted for Christmas was to be arrested? This “obviously” troubled teen from Mandeville High School is in deep doo doo for making a bomb threat and now his picture is plastered on the internet. Tis the season for mental disorders and crimes to peak. He is 17 – so tough cookies on the “negative’ press. Maybe it will deter a wannabe copycat? Maybe it will make another disturbed individual want to get their picture out there too? Who knows anymore – damned if you do… Here is a little pearl of wisdom from his momma that is worthy of discussion.

His mother, Wanda Roberts, said her son also wrote that he was going to kill the president, but she said it was just a prank for attention and to get out of school. Roberts said she met with Secret Service agents Tuesday but that they made it sound like they understood that the threat was not serious.

Here is a big hint, if you are 17 and don’t want to go to school – DON’T GO!!!! How do I get this Biosphere over my house???biosphere_l.jpg Ayayayayayay!!!!

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  1. Did they say how which subdivision this kid lived in? There’s alot of rich kids with too much time on their hands up here.

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