I have this little gadget on my blog called a shoutbox (left bottom column of Kiss My Gumbo). Anyone can comment there and in real time it shows up. It is a tool I use to live blog events and it is up there just for yucks.

Back it up Greta (car screeching sound inserted here), early this week I wrote one of my funniest posts ever, about Hannah Montana concert tix. Yes, I was sober when I wrote it (lol). Anyhoo, I wrote this little blurb in the post about looking for a ball gown and included my dress size. For the love of G-d – I offended someone. What is wrong with people and why are they looking for the worst in everyone ? I could send them to a lot more controversial blogs or heck, my “controversial” writing is out there on the internet but it isn’t intended for the Kiss My Gumbo audience. This is a warm fuzzy blog where most the time I am writing, I envision myself skipping down the freaking yellow brick road throwing positive cheer, Pixie dust and an occasional Toto poo out of Toto’s basket to all in Louisiana. Yes, that is working for me Dr. Phil. Below is the extract of the post and the comment I got in the shoutbox that sparked this post.

Small dilemma, concert at 4:00, The Original Krewe of Oprheus Ball at 7:00 (already shelled out $200 for tix and still need to buy a gown size 6 or 8…anyone Beuhler).

# Guest_4803 : How come in your hannah blog you told us you are a size 6 to 8? why was that necessary? You sounded like you were bragging, and are going to make large ladies feel bad.
# me Greta : Oh please 4803. I was just looking for a dress. If I were a size 20 I would have written that. I am 5 ft tall fercryingoutloud !
# Beth C : You are a short little runt, Greta! ;-P
# Greta : why do people read into stuff like that – dang!

There – I feel better now. Give me some love NOLA!!!

One Reply to “So what if I’m a size 6 or 8?”

  1. You are really a 6 or 8? Dang, I would have guessed you at AT LEAST a 20! He He!

    Beth C nailed it – short and runt like. Sums you up perfectly!

    You know I love ya! Happy Holidays girl!

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