Update: pictures and a summary of my WGSO experience.

I’ll be spending my morning with Jeff Blanco & Jeff Crouere(that sounds pretty bad in writing). Jeff Blanco “blog greeted” me with open arms when I moved here this past year. He asked my to contribute on his site, and I eventually caved in. We’ve spoken on the phone and e-mailed and tomorrow we are meeting in person for the first time. He is picking me up and I am tagging along to the Northshore 990 WGSO radio station to finally meet Jeff Crouere (also a contributor on NOLA.com). I am not an invited on-air guest, just tagging along to hang out with other men besides my hubby (totally joking about that- I am so faithful). So if you listen, from 9:00 on, you may hear a little Greta giggling in the background.

Love Ann Taintor and her Christmas stuff is awesome!95342.jpg

This video depicts what it was like growing up in a Jewish household. You’ll love the song (G rated) and have tit in your head for the rest of the day. Hey – most my brother always went to this on Christmas Eve.

tiara tip to Fausta for this video.

The second video is of my favorite Seinfeld holiday!

Please don’t tell my kids that their deranged mama played this game.

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  1. and have tit in your head for the rest of the day

    I really hope I don’t have “tit” in my head all day. 😛 Sorry I couldn’t resist teasing on that typo. Heh.

    Hope your radio experience was a blast.

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