images-2.jpg My week isn’t really ruined from this, but it sounded like a good post title. I’m the freaking Princess of Positive fercryingoutloud. But, once again, the “poor and homeless” situation in New Orleans is disgracing our great state in the public eye. I’ve been well embedded into the internet for over 3 years and know the pulse of what others are talking about, because I read other blogs (the real pulse of things). Geesh – I didn’t see this little gem pissing off the entire nation and once again making us look like “gumbo scum.”

If you are living in a bubble, I’ll sum this story up for you in a nutshell: Woman complains about her public housing situation, woman is photographed for the T-P for the interview wearing a nice fluffy red robe that I really could use (mine is trashed), background shot has the dream TV that most people drool over in the Sunday circulars and the wood floors….big drool for me! Did I mention my house has white carpet and I have 3 kids, 1 dog, 4 cats and a parade of children marching through the house with muddy shoes all day? I gotta get me one of them wood floors. Oh wait, we saved our money to buy our house by working and right now wood floors aren’t in our housing budget!

Housing is a privilege and not a right. This week, I was a radio show guest and asked about this situation. My points were: THIS IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE a race issue, public housing doesn’t work-never has-never will, public housing has hurt the American society long enough! Sidenote: when I was fostering Princess Whinalot, I was required to take her to welfare friendly clinics. Dang women always had nicer phones, jewelery, manicures & pedicures than me. Poor is a family with no food and no roof over their head or a shabby roof and struggling to get by from day to day. Poor ain’t getting a manicure or getting a huge TV or paying the bill for the HDTV that probably accompanies it!

We can all agree that this story has hurt the cause of public housing. I think her house would nicely fit many of the Duncan Plaza displaced! Thanks Ted Jackson for this now famous picture (let’s do coffee at Duncan Plaza this week)!
***Bamapachyderm, highlight the new trendy slums.
***Michelle Malkin finds the not so pretty history of this activist/public housing resident

8 Replies to “Red bathrobe lady is ruining my week”

  1. I saw that and I thought OMG sell the tv! But I left it alone because then I’m a meanie. I don’t have a tv that nice but hey I have a townhouse in Mandeville so I guess I’m privileged. *rolls eyes*

    I could use the bathrobe too. I’ll buy ya one greta!

  2. Is it any wonder why people’s charitable pockets dry up when they see things like this across our country?

    Sadly, this is why folks will stop having compassion for victims of major disasters. And it is why the majority of hardworking Americans have lost faith in government.

  3. Welcome Karen- you never know what you’ll get here – but 99.(% of the time it is positive. Go read the links I attached and this article in full and and tell me why it shouldn’t bother me.

  4. Greta,
    Thanks for writing about this story.When I read it in the T-P, I couldn’t believe that woman had the gall to sit in that apt while talking about her ‘pitiful’ living conditions. Thanks for the links-I had no idea there were so many people out there thinking the same thing I was thinking.

  5. Maybe they should let her live in the tents across the street and give her spot to those already in the tents. Be careful what you wish for….

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