Oh barnacles – looks like Gremlins took the post that I worked a whole hour on last night!!!!GRRRRR! I’ll fix this up for you later – promise. Hate when that happens!

***Hubby is currently nursing his Wii injury!images-3.jpg

*** My neighbor Nick, taught me all about the Cajun Chandelier process. I want to make one for New Years! (remind me to tell you how Nick mows “I LOVE YOU” in the grass for his wife all the time).

***What is with Louisiana and fireworks???

*** Been getting the house organized and for any of you who want to be motivated and follow along with me while I get my house in tip-top shape -click here.

***Off to my pre-op today (woot woot). Yep, the ole hysterectomy will occur January 2nd – thank goodness is all I have to say. I have never looked forward to going under the knife so much (I am the Bionic Woman already). TMI I know – but hey, my blog, my life, why hide it? The press would hate me if I was a politician because I have already revealed everything (snort*giggle*snort).

*** gotta go get on my new Mardi Gras earrings.cof-mgf.jpg. Hubby done good this year. He took my hints of catalogs circled with a Sharpie!

*** Bad Greta did not have hubby’s main gift, it would be neglected at Michael’s (50 lashes with a wet noodle for me)

***WTH with some people? Thought you’d enjoy my recent snarky comeback for an ugly comment.
posted by AuntYouWho on 12/25/07 at 2:02PM

Well maybe next year i guess….cuz I didn’t get what I wanted! For the imbecile, racist, “foot in mouoth”, good for nothing, ignorant. and “not a clue” Mayor”…(did I say Mayor???)…to actually do something instead of staying in hiding. I guess after paying everyone off and busing them here to vote for him he at a loss for words. The voters of New Orleans never cease to amaze me. New Orleans gets with they deserve –NOTHING! Good Luck to this city with such “leadership”

Posted by kissmygumbo (that would be me responding) on 12/25/07 at 3:54PM

AuntYouWho – Who pissed in your eggnog?

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