This little story was too good not to share. So here goes:

I had just finished shopping at Rouse’s with my 3 little monsters. They are all lucky I didn’t strap them to the roof on the way home (a whole 2 miles), because they were just miserable (who invented this school vacation stuff?). We ended up behind a never ending traffic light surrounded by construction in Mandeville (our life story here), and were looking at the car in front of us decorated with “support the troop” and “Jindal for Governor” stickers. We sat for so long at the light that I considered running our of the car, knocking on her car window and handing her a sticker. With people these days, I’d probably get shot – best to stay in the car.

Turns out she was driving into our subdivision and drove past my house. So we followed her down the street and she stopped a few houses down. My daughter ran out of the car with it and instead of handing it to her, slapped it on her car (bwahaha- maybe she can get a job working with the Ron Paul campaign). Meanwhile, my neighbor pulled her car next to me and we started talking and she said, “I think that lady just fell.” We both ran out of our cars and it turns out she slipped on the porch and dislocated her hip. If we hadn’t seen her, she would have sat behind the bushes out of plain view until someone arrived home hours later.

While we were waiting , I told her the story of the new “J” sticker on her car. Her reply was, “I just got my Christmas card from the Jindals and am looking forward to the change.” Jindal karma, I believe, took place in Mandeville, LA today.

***this particular post can be found at: Kiss My Gumbo , HOOAH Wife & Friends, NOLA.com & Louisiana Conservative (where you can purchase a J sticker). I don’t usually cross-post like this, but I thought it was a nice story that all my audiences would enjoy.

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  2. It was that damn moisture yesterday! Our carport is like an ice rink on days like that. My brother was carrying the littlest to the car and about wiped out in his crocs. He wasn’t aware of the danger. Imagine a 6’2″ guy carrying a 17 month old having his feet swept out from under him and having no hands to catch himself. Thankfully, as he put it, he knows how to ice skate and regained his balance! He He!

    Great story. Isn’t it strange when things like that happen?

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