Since my surgery this past Wednesday, yours truly has been walking around, or shall I say, lying around in a haze of Benadryl and Percocet. Percocet for the pain and the Benadryl because, of course, no trip to the hospital with my latex allergy would be complete without a little allergic reaction. Guess that was a little lagniappe for me – oh well.

So what is this Type A, super-energetic on the go woman to do for about 5 days or so while trying not to do too much? I’ve finished all my magazines, organized my make-up and still have a few little projects I can do from the comfort of my bed. I’ve done some pretty good TV surfing, found myself lying on the couch with drool coming out of my mouth and rambled incoherent thoughts to my family while my hubby keeps telling the kids to, “leave mommy alone.”

* I finished a horribly written book that I asked for this past Christmas. It was called “Yakuza Moon” and was about a lady my age who grew up in a Japanese Gangster family and had somehow decided she needed to write her life story. Great story, very interesting cultural stuff, will be a great movie – but book – YAWN. Dang, for once, why didn’t I read ahead? I would have found the author’s paragraph at the end that said, “I’m afraid that it will be difficult for you to overlook how poorly written the book is at times, and I apologize for that.” $22.95 GRRRR!!! Why isn’t there a rebate form attached?

* Zoe the Hoe and family. Enough of this family already, “You’re fired!” I was soooo avoiding the topic of Brit Brit’s sister getting knocked up with my kids. My 7 yo daughter loves that show and wanted to watch the “finale” tonight.” So if they continue this show with her knocked up, then what? Pathetic.

* Something happened in Iowa and I still cant find that state on the map.

* I want this t-shirt!

* Football games – lots and even some in New Orleans

* My husband is going to be scheduling surgeries for me in the near future because he loves all the wonderful food everyone has brought over!

* Back to lala land!

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  1. Lost in the clouds with Jupiter transcendent

    Lost in the clouds with Mars ascendant.

    Love Luck and the music of the Spheres.

    Azure in the arms of Cerulean

    Cast adrift in the Indigo isles

    May Angel love and Moon glow light your path.

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