Last year we moved to Louisiana just 2 weeks before Mardi Gras (and the kids had vacation too- geesh). All the festivities were celebrated in between unpacking boxes and learning our way around our new home. This year I am planning a little better! Do I need to remind you that Mardi Gras is right around the corner??? Don’t get stressed – start planning with me! I thought it would be fun to share my “tentative” schedule with you as well as the other things to get in order!

1. I have a babysitter for the January 26th for the Orpheus Ball in Mandeville (Lara don’t forget)
2. need to get babysitter for February 3rd for the Bacchus Ball (almost 100% sure we are going)
3. Buy 1-2 gowns – Stephanie from Prima Donna’s Closet is keeping an eye out for one for me. I have 2 old ones, but not sure they will fit after my recent surgery….plus, who doesn’t want a new dress? (unless someone wants to lend me one). Also you can consign your old dresses there too (tell them Greta sent you).
4. Get a root touch-up and trim from my hairdresser. Rick at Salon Calais in Covington (985)898-0233
5. Manicure, Pedicure – who wants funky toes in the winter? As for fingernails – no fake ones, just cleaned up.
6. Rolling suitcase for parades – ready
7. buy shoes & accessories to go with dresses
8. reserve hotel room for Bacchus Ball evening – if we go
9. Hubby bought a tux, shirt, shoes and fleur de lis cufflinks – need to get him a vest and tie.
10. Don’t forget that January 12th is the deadline to share Mardi Gras with the troops overseas for “Operation Overseas Mardi Gras 2008“!!!
*** BTW – I am a professional organizer. I can help you get electronically organized too (hint hint)!
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  1. Greta, good luck on finding a hotel room this late in the game. You should also add to your calendar to see the KOE parade at Jackson Square On Fat Tuesday before ZULU. We meet up at around 8:00 and parade thru the FQ. The theme is “The West is History” and will include a second band band.

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