***funny-pictures-recycle-bin-dog.jpg They are kind of cute, but next door to my house is home of the world’s meanest Chihuahua! He doesn’t say, “Yo quiero Taco Bell.” He says, “Yo quiero your limbs with a little hot sauce on them!”

***Last night I joined some friends and a few readers to live blog. I apologize if anyone was blocked out from the invitation reminder. There are still a few kinks with the service, but is is certainly cutting edge. We had a bunch of fun fersure! If you would like to join tonight – the blurb here will turn live at 7:00 Central time. You can sign up for the reminder there too. If the reminder has a kink in it, just go directly to the blog.

Lots of silly sound effects and pictures to keep it interesting! For now on, I will send you to The Cotillion site for AI. There are 50 of us tiara wearing gals in this group and I suspect a minimum if 5 of us will be blogging AI each night. I will go ahead an put the rating as “R” as we are a very diverse group.

*** Every girls secret fantasy has gone ahead and made himself a daddy-to-be.

*** Bobby Jindal gets an A+ with me so far

*** I heart my Mac! Not only do I need an IPhone, but now I need a MacAir

*** this funnyt020.jpg is for my parents who will be leaving the Northeast tomorrow to hopefully move to Louisiana permanently