People often ask me how I manage to write a post each day. Now mind you, it is not required by Our contract is that they will pay me the same amount of money whether I write 1 post a week or 7. My personal blog, well no requirements at all (I know the boss hehehe). Well then why the heck do I bust my behind to write every day? What the heck am I trying to prove? Who am I trying to impress?

Well, being that yours truly, The Princess of Positive is reveling in her new (almost 1 year) life in Louisiana, it seemed necessary to share each moment with my audience. Plus, if you haven’t guessed it, I love writing and would love to become something of a local celebrity in the area (preferably with a paycheck). I still remember a comment I received on last year, “Your blog and life aren’t exciting enough to be on the front page.” Hmmmmm I pondered for a moment…and thought…TOO BAD!

Well, today, 2 characters that will give me more material than humanly possible, are coming to town. My parents, Janet and Sherm are flying in from Logan airport to enjoy the warm not as cold and certainly not as snowy weather of Louisiana. Let me give you a little humorous background on them without getting myself cut-off from the family (mom reads my blog on occasion). Mom is only staying for 5 days and dad only was bought a one way ticket – we hope he stays. We hope my mother will pursue a house purchase she began last summer down here and they will move here forever.

Janet: Well my mom is her early 60s, I resemble her in looks the most, and we are night and day as far as personalities. If I am the Princess of Positive, let’s just say, she tends to be the Queen of Darkness. We love each other to death, but after 10 minutes in the room, all hell tends to break loose. She adores my husband and her grandchildren but mostly my animals. She has 9 cats and brushes their teeth every week…that tells you something. She has bend the caregiver of several family members for the past few years and is errrr rather tightly wound. She is only staying 5 days, so we hope she has the best time possible and can relax Mardi Gras style!

Sherm: I am my father’s daughter. Everyone in Boston knows my dad who was a most respected musician in the Boston area. He owned orchestras and was at any major event, social wedding, or Bar Mitzvah for 50 years or so in the Boston area. He gave up the music business about 10 years ago and went into his second career (I call it his Wal Mart career), driving the red historic tour trolleys in Boston every day. About 5 months, with some health problems, he was forced to give up that job. Now he is homebound, had his license taken away and is a prisoner in his home with his bride. This is a guy I can really relate to…he needs people contact. That is not enough for him and is driving him nuts. He can’t and could never hear my mother’s voice and has been knows to wear his hearing aids and turn them off to screen the incoming chatter. He also is a stickler for things the way they were and is technology challenged. He has NEVER touched a computer, he can’t handle a remote control, a new microwave, fugetaboutit. And don’t even get us going how he tries to wear glasses he finds. He finally just got a pair of prescription glasses after 10 years of wearing other people’s glasses that were too small for him (a famous family laugh).

Well, I can’t wait and neither can: Son #1, Son #2, Princess Whinalot, hubby, Chulo the Stupor Dog, The Short Bus Cat, and my other 3 cats I feed but don’t get any respect from.

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  1. First off….thank ya fer the nice comment ya left over at The Cookshack…it’s preciated. I just plumb fergot about the Dick Morris remarks today…maybe next time…

    I perused yur blog and enjoyed it, and it’s great to see you support Soldiers Angels. Whenever I get a heads-up about something they’re doing…I post it fer the folks…

    Say thanks to yur hubby frum this old Vet for his service to all of us…Good on him….

    Now that I’m aware of yur presence in the blogosphere…if’n ya want..I’ll place ya inta my blogroll…if thats OK with ya…

    …and don’t mind the spellin…just stayin in my on-line persona….


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