Dang, somehow by not growing up here, I missed the class in “Parade Strategizing 101.” My best edumacated guess right now is that you want to get somewhere not so crowded so your kids can get a good spot to catch stuff! Then again, you need them front and center to make “eye contact” with the float riders. Unless you have one of those ladders, which my kids are to big for, they need to be in front (holding onto a barrier). Then, of course, there is the bathroom dilemma! Right now I am trying to strategize about where to stand Friday night for the Orpheus parade? Hubby will be throwing from the “passenger” side, so we have to be on that side of the road. I don’t want to think or plan – I just want to go! Ayayayayay! For the sake of the kids, I will plan – really I will.

Growing up, my grandparents lived in Quincy, MA. We would walk from their house about 15 minutes before the 4th of July parade and get a seat on the curb. We just watched the parade and occasionally we caught a piece of gum. Life was simple then. Ya – and I walked to school 2 miles uphill both ways in the snow.

We can walk to City Hall from my house and catch the end of the parade route. That is where everyone is so drunk (on the floats & watching), it is also the end of the parade and the place where you catch the most amounts of stuff. Last year we did that for Oprheus, but there is no telling what time it will be there. Eve, didn’t go by until about 9:30 the other night and Orpheus is longer. Then you have to consider the kids. Princess Whinalot and son #2 aren’t exactly night owls (like their mom). They would have to wait for daddy to go by until possibly 10:00.

We watched Eve from the start gate the other night. Which mean you get to see the floats coming out but miss the bands. Then of course, there is the, how do I get home from the parade the fastest way possible? UGH!

So it looks like I will somehow be watching the start of the parade with some friends (and not in one the alcohol-free zones, which they have). I’ll probably park near Stein Mart and watch at the beginning with the kiddos (but watch the bands and floats). The kids are making signs to get dad’s attention too. Then I’ll shoot home afterwards and take son #1 across from City Hall to watch the end. Oh boy, twice in one night for me!!!

I am trying to ignore my looming sinus infection. Think positive Princess of Positive, I can’t get sick, I can’t get sick, I can’t get sick! Shutting brain cells off for the day so I can think positive thoughts and not let sickness creep into my body! Dang, there is soooo much to learn about Mardi Gras & I truly am enjoying every second of it! For those of you who grew up with it and are tired of it, I will gladly take your good street spot! Throw me something NOLA!!!!

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