I never did the sorority thing, but as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I realize that other women can truly compliment your life. I hang with my on-line girls every day, called the Cotillion. We are the best and brightest bloggers in the blogosphere and it is invite only. We have quite a blogroll and shoot each other about 100 e-mails a day. If any of them needed a kidney – I’d be first in line. I did the Officer’s Wives Club thingy because I “had” to, and frankly I always ended up having a good time. Wives coffee’s, when I lead them they involved a rip-roaring time. No white gloves tea sipping for this camper (big yawn). Did the PTA board thing (a not so fun women’s club), fine while I was in, but dang…that is a thankless job and not one I will sign up for again. I have been blogging and blogging about Orpheus since hubby was invited to ride in it. I still feel a big disconnect from it, but thoroughly enjoyed the ball (1 month post-hysterectomy, first time drinking and dancing – UGH! Not a good combo). Hubby will ride this year and next year maybe be more involved throughout this year. Go on Greta…get to the meat of the post.

Well, yesterday, Debbi Vafides read my blog and decided I might be a good fit for her float in Eve. We met this AM for Buckys and ding ding ding – I’m in (she is my sponsor – but not the AA type). Of course, I asked to blog my experience and got a “go” of some sorts (will straighten that out – hard to believe everyone in Mandeville doesn’t know about Kiss My Gumbo yet…I only write good stuff – not a loose cannon!). Anyhoo, Debbi is also a Masshole and we have that East Coast edge turned Southerner. Her boyfriend, Chuck, is the drummer in my dad’s new favorite band, the Blackened Blues Band (we saw them at Barkus). My dad, a musician all his life, commented on the superb drumming in the band. How ironic that it was Debbi’s long-time boyfriend. “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it” Steven Wright quote comes to mind.

Mid- February I will get my official application and they start meeting in March. I’m excited and honored to be welcomed into such a fine Krewe of local women!!! Hooah!

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  1. I was in a sorority, Tri Delta, and aside from my relationships with my women friends at church I have felt so supported. I am so glad you joined Cotillian and can experience the same closeness.



  2. Hey Greta – I always read your blog – subscribe to the feed! I read about your experience at Eve yesterday and sent it out to my friends that I ride with along with our float lieutenant! We are also on Debbie’s float! She’s a kick! I’m a native and this was my first year riding! It was soo much fun! You are going to have a blast!!

    Welcome to the Krewe!


  3. Hey, Roslyn –

    Thanks for the kudo! I just found Greta’s blog this week while searching for comments on the Eve parade and am thrilled that another Mass-escapee is in the area. We’ll have to be sure to show her a “wicked awesome” time with the Krewe!

  4. Connie – thanks for your support – I am soooo excited.

    Conservative Belle – I wish you moved here so you could be on it with me!! Now move here will ya?

    Roslyn, The Eve post is featured on the front of NOLA.com right now – look or it will be gone! I live for comments and am thrilled to hear from an RSS reader, made my day alone. Now to find out you are on my float – you double mad my day!!!! Thanks!!!! I can’t wait to meet everyone and hopefully there will be no roadblocks with me blogging about being in a Krewe. I don’t know any seasoned bloggers who have ever done that before and I’m sure the world would like to know what goes on!

    Look forward to meeting you in person!

    Deb – see what you started!

  5. I’m always sticking my nose in something, Greta! Glad this time it didn’t get me in trouble!! 🙂

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