“I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.”
~Author Unknown~

Recently, I was at Walgreen’s picking up a prescription. My daughter was busy waving at the security screen in front of us, because, hey, she could be Hannah Montana for 5 seconds in her mind. The lady behind the counter told me she recently had a customer that demanded the security TV monitor be removed because it made her look fat (true story- couldn’t make that crud up). I had to laugh, but then I took a look up at my daughter working the camera and said, “DANG! Looks like it is one of those carnival mirrors – I look wide.” Ya, that is it Greta, must be the angle!

Now, many of you know that I had my hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. I recently called the nurse to ask her a few things and had her laughing her butt off when I asked, “How long will the swelling weight last? I heard baby weight can be counted until they head to college. Is this the same?” Well, she told me that they will see me at 6 weeks and re-evaluate. Maybe she should have told me not to drink my way through Mardi Gras and to stay away from King Cake too.

You wouldn’t look at me and say I’m big. Nope – it isn’t what you see, it is what I see and how I feel. I bought 2 pairs of pants since my surgery, 1 size up and 2 sizes up. I plan to burn both of them real soon – but need to chill for a bit! I will not try and be obsessed about it, because I haven’t even been given the go for working out again (I love to swim). I need to step away from the fatty stuff (like the rest of the world) and make better food choices, that is all. Oh ya, and willpower doesn’t hurt- where did that go?

I am bracing my self-esteem for seeing the Honeybees at the Hornet’s game Saturday night. And no honey – we ain’t going to Hooters for the wings this weekend!