catintinfoil.jpgI know, every morning you wake up to Kiss My Gumbo to be dazzled by something stupid I have to say or read about a goofy event I experienced. Well, today is your day, dear Kiss My Gumbo Readers. Today, the Princess of Positive wanted to acknowledge all of you who silently read my blog or who brave to comment on it, those who have passed it on to a friend and those who have chuckled in their cubicle silently. You are the reason I write – whether I know you personally or not! You are my audience and today, February 7th, I declare as KISS MY GUMBO READER APPRECIATION DAY!!! BRAVO & WET PUPPY KISSES TO EVERYONE!!!

I leave you with a political safe for work video . Yes I am a dork and enjoy all the videos on the “will it blend” site!

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7 Replies to “It’s KMG Reader Appreciation Day!”

  1. I’m wondernig how the email delivery impacts your hit count?

    Also, you are a great addition to the area! Love the blog!

  2. S- I have a feedburner account so I know how many read me here from RSS feed and e-mail subscriptions.

    Roslyn thanks for reading.

    I guess I have come to the point with that I don’t care how you get your KMG – as long as you get it!

  3. Cute picture…Can you believe I’m finally on the computer long enough to read your interesting life and opinions.
    Miss you sweetie!

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