UPDATE: Apologies to Clifford from Red Stick Rant – he is not – I repeat – not a Yankee by birth. But, he did live there for a short time and he is a Red Sox fan!

***Monday is here and yes, I will do my “yay the kids are back in school dance.”

***What…March 21st is Spring vacation already? Who invented vacation for kids anyways???

*** Oh, sorry you have to work today or congrats on getting the day off. I do remember getting President’s day off as a kid or was that before they combined Abe & George into one day? Someone refresh my memory por favor.

*** Baseball season is quickly approaching. That means, your truly, will be once again living at Pelican Park. Remind me to go buy a decent bleacher seat – the 2 that I bought from Sam’s last year both broke by the end of the season.

*** So you want to be a blogger? Well, truly anyone can be one. You want a little advice? OK – commit to writing at least 3 times a week, you must read other blogs and enjoy that, pick a niche, don’t pay to have anything done until you are well into the game, a MySpace does not count as a blog, try blogsome or blogger to start with, get a catchy title and go to godaddy and at purchase the .com for 1 year, pick a name for your blog that people can type in, blogging anonymously can work but is often traceable, assume everyone has access to your blog including your boss, write what you know, do not expect to make a red cent from blogging (trust me it cost more time and money the longer you are in the game) and that ain’t what blogging is about

*** I have neglected to give linky love on this blog. I do it all the time on my other one, so I need to start sharing some Louisiana linky love right now. I think every Friday I will try and highlight 5 blogs for now on. Yay for some type of blog schedule!
1. My Bayou Vieux– I have actually met this lady and I adore her. She writes about her life as a mom and journals her experiences throughout Louisiana. She is a Northshore transplant from Ohio and loves her home! She is very intelligent and a very good writer.
2. NOLA Notes – I have not met her, but we have e-mailed back and forth. She writes about her exciting life as an active New Orleanean and mom. She recently started a new blog about Street Car Art with another blogging pal, Pontchartrain Pete (who I have met)
3. Pontchartrain Pete He is a born and raised New Orleanean and has been exiled to the Northshore but we plan on keeping him up here.
4. RedStick Rant – Clifford cracks me up. He is a Yankee by birth like me. We both contribute to Louisiana Conservative and basically terrorize that blog. He is a Krewe of Hermes member and bleeds purple green and gold. He is one funny guy – enjoy and please don’t take him too seriously! We haven’t met, but are slated for an upcoming lunch together in the near future!
5. Louisiana Conservative – Jeff Blanco, the owner of this blog is a great guy (yes, we have met and even went on air with Jeff Crouere together-see pictures). Funny, we agree on pretty much nothing politically, but his blog is a group blog and as long as you kind of lean right or are a libertarian, he will tolerate you. I do not blog Louisiana politics on Kiss My Gumbo (and I am still learning about it), so LC gives me an occasional place to vent.

*** come check out other Louisiana blogger on Blognetnews here and here and suggest a few of your favorites for me to highlight. And no, the Princess of Positive can’t possibly read all Louisiana blogs, but has at least visited all of them once:)

***must go wake the sleeping angels for school now. Have a fabulous Monday and don’t forget to tell all your friends to read Kiss My Gumbo (on Nola.com or on my own .com). You’ll get credits in heaven for referring readers (I promise) LOL!!

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