Dear Louisiana,

Yesterday I flew into LAX for a Soldiers’ Angels conference. I probably should have flown into Burbank, but it is hard to beat a 4 hour direct flight. Somehow I got upgraded to the United “Super Economy” class (I feel guilty robbing someone in need of the extra 5″ leg room), but hey – I had my own row and 5’1″ fits perfectly in 3 seats. I had my felur de lis shirt and earrings on to represent my home. Gosh, I love Louisiana!

My dear friend Sam, picked me up at LAX and drove me around for the scenic tour. I have never been to L.A. before (somehow avoided it until now). I’ve been all over the rest of California (even lived in Sacramento), but never to L.A. or Pasadena. The weather is pretty much the same as LA and the traffic the same too. The buildings downtown are beautiful and unique and the hills and mountains in the backdrop are breathtaking. She took me down the Rose Bowl route where I had to close my jaw as the drool ran down my face. Before heading to Burbank airport to pick up our other friend Holly, Sam took me out to her Craftsman home in Pasadena. It is about 1200 sq ft and cost over a half a million dollars! And we are complaining about the cost of living – geesh!

Crime, well I am watching the news right now and it is just as bad if not worse. Yes, L.A. is way bigger than LA, esp. New Orleans, but crime is everywhere. The grass isn’t greener folks!

What we have that the West Coast lacks is a sense of community and closeness like no other. You can’t beat that with a stick! And the food, well we have the best and everyone knows it! Now to try and convince the rest of the world that New Orleans is the best central area for any conferences!

I’ll write later, and if you would like to really help support the troops, stop on over to the Louisiana Soldiers’ Angels website. We are in the process of setting up “The Big Easy Cafe’ in Iraq.” Certainly everyone in Louisiana can pitch in a little bit on this project!

Greta “The Princess of Positive”
(read on & KMG for twice the fun)