I am writing to you this AM (real early) from MSY – Louis Armstrong International Airport. How does the MSY abbreviation come out of New Orleans (though it is in Kenner) and Louis Armstrong? According to Skygod, MSY is the former Moisant Stock Yards in New Orleans. Now what the heck was Moisant Stock Yards? Blake Pontchartrain writes:

John Bevins Moisant was a daring young French-Canadian aviator who raced planes in competitions and won international recognition. However, on December 31, 1910, he was catapulted from his plane and killed while preparing for a competition to set a new world’s record for sustained flight – 362.66 miles. Not long after the crash, the site of his death was converted to stock yards for cattle and named Moisant Stock Yards in his memory.

When the airport was built, it was first called Moisant Field, and since many people knew the location of the stock yards, the name and letters were kept to identify the airport.

Your little known fact of little interest for today. You are welcome.

Oh, so you want to know why I am heading to Pasadena. Well, I am going for my first Soldiers’ Angels conference. I can’t wait to learn a whole bunch more and get everyone in Louisiana to pitch in a little more. So you want to help you say…well hop on over to the Louisiana website and look around a bit and see what suits you. You can always e-mail me directly too. gretaperry@gmail.com

Don’t fret – I’ll write to you from sunny rainy California.

(make sure to get 2 times the Kiss My Gumbo today – better than one. You can read it at my personal site and NOLA.com – woot woot).

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