Memes are little things that come around on the web that are like a bad cough that you share with your friends because you refuse to cover your mouth. Kind of like chain letters of modern day. I think I personally own the record for chain letter breaking. Yes, I even broke the children’s sticker ones and am destined to bad luck for all eternity. I don’t know why, but today I decided to answer one, after all it is from one of my dearest internet friends (her answers are great).

The meme: Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

1. My poor kids don’t know any of the correct words to any songs. I like to make up words to them and usually insert a pet’s name. And I NEVER sing loud enough to be heard in public – not even Happy Birthday!

2. I hate watching people eat. It nauseates me. I just don’t look! And chicken wing eaters should only be allowed to do that in an isolation booth! Ewwwwww.

3. I rarely tweeze my eyebrows. I have been using a razor to shape them since I was a teenager. Only a few oopses over the years (never put a razor near your eyes after drinking – bwahahaha- just kidding).

4. I never had a Christmas Tree until I got married (married a goy). Now I really do enjoy decorating for Christmas.

5. I have never had a cavity but I did have braces.

6. I can watch an entire football game and not be able to answer one question about it. I do know a lot about sports but can zone out very well.

I am tagging some Louisiana bloggers to go ahead and answer the meme: My Bayou Vieux, NOLA Notes, Pontchartrain Pete, Liprap’s Lament, Goodbye to Romance
& Red Stick Rants.

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3 Replies to “Breaking my meme rule”

  1. I knew I’d love your answers! 😀 (Why do you think I picked you?!)
    And really, I probably own the record for chain-letter/meme-breaking myself. I can’t stand posting memes, but I did it because I was feeling too lazy to write about regular stuff. Heee!

  2. Greta:

    Geez, I thought you’d publish the ones I sent you. I mean, a golden opportunity to humiliate me in public….

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