Yesterday I wrote about how ill the thought of any public official in Mandeville messing with the “Toys for Tots” funds made me. Cindy Chang’s article certainly would be a valid precursor for major ethics investigations or for those who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar to resign. Cindy is my favorite reporter on the Times Picayune staff. Her article was, IMHO (in my honest opinion), good old fashioned journalism without an agenda. She was probably tipped off and sent on the assignment and she should be commended for putting forth the facts she was able to uncover.

I am not a reporter, nor do I aspire to be. I guess you could say that as a blogger I run an ongoing op-ed and share entertaining musings on almost a daily basis (for pennies). I wrote about the Mayor and this “scandal” yesterday because it really bothered the heck out of me! Then last night, a faithful reader (thank you V), tipped me off as to what was going on in the Mandeville forums (which I mostly avoid because they get nasty and trolled often). Apparently, Sarah Lemoine, Mayor Price’s daughter has been posting on the forums. The girl has cajones and is certainly going to bat for dear old dad (can’t blame her). However, the forums are not the place to change anyone’s minds in a logical and eloquent manner. Forums are usually filled with lots of venom and isn’t necessary this blogger’s venue for intelligent discussion. Now I’m not saying that about all forums, but I do stay away from them because nameless trolls living in their mom’s house tend to stay on them as a hobby. Well, here is what she wrote:

9443.1.1. From the Mayor’s Daughter
by sarahlemoine, 3/3/08 11:59 ET
Re: Article by Chung by oldpelican, 3/3/08
Hi. Just thought I’d comment as I cannot stand to see my father ripped apart this way. Eddie Price is a good man. I know because I lived with him for 18 years. He is my Dad- a grandfather to my children and a friend.

I know Edward J. Price is an honest and good man. Is he perfect- no. Of course not. Has he made mistakes in his life? Of course. But to brand him as a crooked politician is a tragedy. He has spent the better part of his life serving this city and the community- and serving it well. He loves Mandeville and his hard work is evident in the lives that most of you lead here.

It is very easy to sit at your computer, read a story and judge your little hearts out. But you cannot get an entire picture from a few stories that may or may not be intentionally slanted in a certain direction. Any journalist can tell you- the way you format a story from its opening line to the comments you choose to include (or not to include) & where you choose to include them- are all factors in creating a “feeling” that conveys the message you want. Things can be taken out of context. The sincerity is missing from quotes you cannot actually hear.

So, before you jump on a bandwagon and start bashing the best Mayor this city could ask for- I urge you to stop & think. Gather all of the information you can- talk to the source- my Dad’s number is listed. Remember the art of spin. And please also remember that the people you persecute here have families who love them- and read the hurtful things you say.

Thanks for your time.

and this

9448.1. What I know for sure
by sarahlemoine, 3/3/08 13:34 ET
Re: What I know for sure by oldpelican, 3/3/08
It takes courage to reveal your true identity on a forum like this. I am sure I’ll get personally attacked for doing so. But I feel strongly enough about my father’s character to speak here as myself- not an alias. Until we all come forward it is hard to know who has a hidden agenda and whether their comments should be taken seriously.

Please forgive me in advance if I don’t respond to any comments directed at me in a timely manner. With 2 small children and a business to run- I can’t check in as often as I’d like.

and this

9458. No sympathy necessary
by sarahlemoine, 3/3/08 20:14 ET
LC Mother-I am doing my best not to respond to each negative comment directed my way. I have neither the time nor the inclination. But this is where I draw the line. My children did, indeed, receive Christmas presents last year… from their hardworking mother and father. Let’s try not to sensationalize this story any more than it has already been. Eddie Price did not steal from Toys for Tots. It sounds great- makes for a great story- but it is simply not true. Read the story. As biased as it was, Chang never claimed my father stole anything. Even she could not be that defamatory. And to insinuate that I- or my precious children- benefited in any way from any of this- is absolutely ridiculous.

I am sure I speak for all of my siblings when I say we don’t need or want your sympathy. We have wonderful lives & wonderful parent- and we share a love Mandeville & its people that I am not sure you understand.

I joined this blog as a way to defend some of the despicable things you people say- with little regard for the truth or consequences of your words. Who needs to worry with accuracy or accountability when no one knows who you are?


9461.2. Signing off!
by sarahlemoine, 3/3/08 21:36 ET
Re: Untitled by sarahlemoine, 3/3/08
Thank you all for letting me say what I needed to say! I don’t plan on posting again, so I’ll just say goodbye! If I fail to respond to a comment or question- it is because I’m no longer here… I don’t have the time(or the energy!) to keep it up. I just wanted to express my concerns & I appreciate you letting me do just that.

Best of luck to you all!

and one last final one

Eddie Price simply accepted a gift. He would agree that any gifts purchased for him should never have been purchased using ANY special fund- muchless one that supports Toys for Tots. And- now, I am speculating here- I am pretty sure that if someone was buying a surprise gift FOR him they would not have him SIGN for the check. You are working under the assumption that he is a bad & corrupt man- which he is not.

As the Mayor of an ever-expanding city-he has more important things to read, sign, review & discuss in one day- than most people deal with in a week. When the reality of his daily responsibilites is brought to light- it is easy to see why some things are more memorable than others- why some things require more attention than others- why some things may not be given as much scrutiny. And when you surround yourself with employees you trust- you trust much of what they say and do, freeing up your time for more important business… just like in any other business or public office.

He is a good man. He doesn’t automatically assume everyone around him is corrupt. If he has learned anything from all of this I am sure it would be to leave no stone unturned- to take every single, solitary piece of city/police/administrative paperwork into his own hands. I just hope it leaves him time to continue all of the great work he has accomplished for this city so far.

I do not intend to comment about this again- unless completely necessary.

I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say today and please don’t bring any of the forum nastiness to my blog – this is for intelligent discussion only (The Princess of Positive has a delete comment button). And as always, anyone can contact me (yes, people do read my stuff -thanks mom – lol) if they would like to use this blog for a voice or have a topic they think worthy of discussion. (985)807-4805
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