“Opportunity makes a thief.”
~Francis Bacon~

“If you ever have to steal money from your kid, and later on he discovers it’s gone, I think a good thing to do is to blame it on Santa Claus”
~Jack Handy~

Disturbed was an understatement for how I felt when I read yesterday that the “Toys for Tots” funds in Mandeville were mismanaged and pilfered through by local officials. Shame on all the grow-ups involved! You all should immediately sign up to be CASA workers and go see who you stole from up close and personal! Then you should be made to go to each and every elementary school in town and speak about being dishonest! I thought I heard of the lowest of the low when I was working Meals on Wheels in Belton, Texas and someone stole our van to go steal computers from the local elementary school. Stealing from the elderly and then the kids in one shot- very low. Well, this is just as bad if not worse because the thieves were in paid positions! GRRRRR!!!!

All I could picture after reading this story was my 7yo daughter walking over to City Hall with her entire class last year to bring her gifts to put under the tree for “Toys for Tots.” She was so proud to give gifts to those less fortunate than her. I mentioned CASA, because when my daughter was in Foster care, they automatically placed her on the “Angel tree” to receive toys and I refused. I figured she would have a great Christmas with us that year and someone else could use it more. Apparently the opportunists in office do not think like I do! Dang, maybe I should run for Mayor???

More thief stories you want? Well, last night was bill paying night *yuck phooey*. I was looking at my credit card statement and noticed about 4 charges that I know I did not make (Rent a Center was a dead giveaway)! Looks like I was the victim of credit card skimming. At the Rent a Center it was recorded that my card was present (which makes it a magic card since it was in my wallet). I wish it was magic enough to pay itself off. Apparently someone lifted a copy of it and made themselves a fresh card – very nice. Bank of America canceled it immediately and now I have paperwork to do. I swear, if criminals put all their efforts into good things, the world would be a better place.

I already have Lifelock and flags on my credit. Dang – imagine how bad this stuff will be in 10 years! I guess today’s chore is to figure out if I have any recurring charges on that card for anything…Big GRRRRR!!!!

Be careful everyone!!!
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5 Replies to “Thieves”

  1. Have you thought about online banking?? Best thing I ever did – I can check one my credit cards and bank account activity whenever I want instead of just when the statement arrives.

  2. A relative of mine who lives in Texas works for the town she lives in. Every year her daughter gets a new bike and gifts for Christmas from the donations they received for the less fortunate. Another relative who relayed the story to me defended them saying her husband didn’t have a job so they offered them some gifts. I said, ok that is cool for the one year but what about all the other years when he did have a job? Besides, it was not like they were on the street or anything. She worked and they were not hurting! Let me tell you if they could afford to buy their daughter a WII, they certainly didn’t need the free gifts again this year. But they got ’em! I am ashamed that I am related. Only by marriage! Damn hubby!

  3. MBV – next Christmas make sure you adopt them animals from the zoo or something. Ya know there is one of those in every family – I have mine too!

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