OK – it is official, there is going to be a “Kiss My Gumbo” radio show on WIST AM 690 with your hostess, the “Princess of Positive.” WOOT WOOT and the fans go wild!!! I won’t start until April 19th, so you have plenty of time to build up your excitement for the show. Sorry, only Saturdays from 3:00-4:00 for now! But hey, it is a start! And yes, I wore my new “Princess of Positive ” tiara for the interview! img_2977.JPG

My hubby kept telling me to plug a show about “nothing” (for all you Seinfeld fans). That episode was lingering in the back of my head while sitting down with Eric Asher (the big guy) and Dan Frazier (the station manager) as we discussed my show ideas. I plugged a “fun show” that would highlight some characters that would not otherwise get billing during the weekdays. Yep, everyday shmos like you and me on my show. So line up folks and tell me:
* all your show ideas
* the format you envision for me
* if you should be a guest on the show and why!

My head is spinning and my feet haven’t touched the ground since yesterday. This was a great 40th birthday present (which is on Sunday)!!!

You can comment or e-mail me at BTW- don’t miss yesterday afternoon’s vagina rant (waring – don’t have coffee in your mouth when you read it or you may spew it!)

As always, you can get 2 helpings of KMG per day, which is recommended by 4 out of 5 doctors. The 5th doctor doesn’t have a sense of humor (you know that one). Read it once at and then again at Kiss My lagniappe)! Share the love and tell all your friends and enemies to read! I write for you!

7 Replies to “Kiss My Gumbo goes radio on WIST AM 690”

  1. Can you hear me cheering, Greta??!!

    How ’bout interviewing some of your crazy “float mates”? It would be about time folks realize the Krewe isn’t just a bunch of genteel old ladies!! 😉

    Happy early birthday!! Welcome to the wonderful world of 40!!

  2. Oh you need to have me on the show because as you said in one post once, I am “wicked smaht!”

    and funny
    and a midwesterner (which goes with funny)
    and blonde (which also goes with funny)
    and not from here (has nothing to do with being funny)
    and did I mention blonde?
    and well, your friend and fellow blogger!

  3. I notice they support streaming and podcasting. Will that include your show? Will you be coming up with icon links like some of the shows on BlogTalkRadio

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