Yesterday we had our neighborhood association Easter Egg Hunt. I somehow promised my kids the St. Patty’s Day parade at noon and that we would be back for the hunt by 3:00. Honestly if I can get back from a St. Patty’s Day parade (that was not finished) in Metairie on time – anyone can do it – NOT!

The time listed for the hunt was 3:00. When we showed up at 2:50, the eggs were scattered about and the kids were anxious to start (they could see half of them in plain view). About 3:10 they were told to “GO.” About 40 kids sprung upon the eggs in vulture-like fashion and within 10 minutes, all eggs were picked up. Then some parents wandered in late for one reason or another and their poor kids were heartbroken. I took some of my son’s eggs (with resistance from him) and hid them for a little girl, but there was no redeeming their tardiness – they blew it.

We have all been late at some point in our life, for one reason or the other. Never mind. Seriously, you could be the crappiest employee in the world, but being on time can make you seem a whole lot better. Nothing drives me nuttier, than people who are perpetually late!

So the question is, were you late for something today? If you were, 50 lashes with a wet cabbage! Next, The Princess of Positive is requesting that you immediately set all your clocks 10 minutes ahead and start doing a better job at being on time!

* read this post and hundreds more on & my personal blog today! Don’t be late!

3 Replies to “The late bird misses the eggs”

  1. I’m your worst nightmare. I’m usually late for everything. It isn’t laziness, just usually too many distractions/irons in the fire and I don’t focus on time. Oh and I don’t wear a watch. That could be a problem too.

    *wipes off wet cabbage juices*

  2. The problem with setting the clocks ten minutes ahead is that you KNOW you set them ahead so then it’s “well I’ve still got another ten minutes!” Yes indeed I’m in recovery for being perpetually late. My daughter has nine tardies for the school year and we’re not done LOL. However in my defense who starts school at 7:25 for 9 year olds?!?!?

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