Traveling from New Orleans to Boston today was problem free. A mild inconvenience in Charlotte, which if I chose to get bumped, we would have ended up with 4 free tix. But you know the deal, the next flight will be delayed and the luggage would be lost (with our jackets) – so…NO DEAL (but it was tempting). I also had a chance to chew a few ears off today. Believe it or not, I am generally quiet on a plane (I like to read & take constant catnaps-planes make me sleepy).

Yep, you guessed my conversation topics: I love Louisiana, St. Patrick’s Day was soooo much fun, Mardi Gras was a blast, the azaleas are in bloom, the weather is spectacular, we have been wearing shorts, our food is amazing, the French Quarter Festival is coming up and I am so excited, this year’s Jazzfest will be my first and I can’t wait, the people are so wonderful, you should come visit soon! Yep – I am a Louisiana bragger. I think I should walk around with a t-shirt that says, “Louisiana is better than your state (and if you say differently, I’ll shove a crawfish up your nose)!” LOL!

I told one really neat lady from Slidell what I write about and she commented that, “I am doing good things for my new home.” Honestly, I sure hope so! I told you a year ago that I wanted to be your “Post-Katrina Goodwill Ambassador.” Yep, still doing it (and not gettting paid- what is new) and I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop bragging!

I will be in Boston (freezing my toosh off) for a week, if your ears start ringing this week, you know I am talking about Louisiana. Remember, there is no perfect place on Earth, we must make the best of it and enjoy all the wonderful things it has to offer! The Princess of Positive has spoken!

BTW – if you come up with any other catchy t-shirt slogans, tell me them!!!!