Right now I am busy packing for myself and the rugmonsters. We are going to have one of those “visiting family” vacation in the Boston area. No white sand and umbrella drinks for this camper (give me a big – poor Greta – please). BTW, it is FREAKING COLD there! Look at the forecast below – yuck!!!

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Rain to Snow Showers Windy Intermittent Clouds Partly Sunny
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Like me, Boudreaux did some time up North and decided Louisiana was the place to be!


This is the story of Boudreaux and Marie who moved North for a new job. Below is a list of short notes written by Boudreaux on a postcard to his friend Thibodeaux:

Dec. 16: Thibodeaux, it started to snow a lot up here. This is the first snow Marie and I have seen in years. Marie and I took our hot buttered rum and sat by the picture window, watching the snow flakes come down on the trees and covering the ground. Boy it’s pretty…

Dec.17: Thibodeaux, we woke up with snow on the ground. I shoveled snow from the driveway for the first time and I LIKE IT very much. The snowplow machine came by and covered my driveway. The driver smiled and waved. I waved back and shoveled the snow again.

Dec.18: Thibodeaux, it snowed 5 more inches last night and the temp dropped down to 9 degrees. Thibodeaux this is goose and duck weather. I goosed Marie and ducked under the covers again. Man it is cold in this place. A few limbs on the trees broke off and fell in the yard. The snowplow came by and did his trick again. I shoveled the brownish-gray snow again..

Dec.19: Thibodeaux, the temperature went up to just enough to melt the snow but dropped 8 degrees and made some ice. I went to buy some snow tires for the car and fell on my butt. Had to pay the Doctor $145. More snow expected.

Dec. 20: Thibodeaux, it’s COLD!!!!!!! Freezing my butt off!!!!!!!!!. Sold car and bought 4×4 to get to work. Slid into guardrail and did $2200 worth of damage. Had another 8 inches of that damn snow last night. The stupid snowplow came by twice. Now the driveway is nothing but ice. I am getting fed up with this weather.

Dec.21: Thibodeaux, more snow and it is 7 degrees below ZERO. All the trees lost their limbs last night and three trees were broken in half. The electricity went off last night. Tried to keep from freezing my butt by hugging Marie’s but her butt was as cold as mine. I tried to keep warm by using candles. Had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom with no heat. It reminded me of the good old days. My butt got stuck to the toilet seat. I got scared and got up fast. I knocked the damn candle off the stand and caught the curtains on fire. I put out the fire but had second degree burn on my hand. While coming back from the Doctor my 4×4 slid on ice and my 4X4 was totaled. Damn I hate this weather.

>Dec. 22: Thibodeaux, damn snow keeps coming down. Had to put on all the clothes that I own just to get to the damn mailbox. If I ever catch that SOB that drives that snowplow I will kick his ass. Power still off, toilet frozen, and part of the roof has caved in. More snow predicted.

Dec. 23: Thibodeaux, six more inches of damn snow came down with sleet. Who knows what other kind of stuff will fall today. I went outside to clear the driveway and the damn snowplow driver came by and dumped more snow on my driveway. I chased and stopped him long enough to whip his ass. I was going to hit him with my shovel, but he got away. Marie left me. Car won’t start. I am going snow blind and my toes are frozen. More snow predicted and the wind chill is 44 degrees below zero. Damn it is cold. Dec. 24: Thibodeaux, I AM MOVING BACK TO NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boudreaux joke borrowed from here and doctored up by me.

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  1. Have a ‘Nutty Buddy Parfait’ at Cabot’s in Newtonville for me! This is one “Boudreaux” that still misses his other ‘home town’.

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