Yes, Peeps are “wicked awesome” (I am in the Boston area visiting with relatives this week and I could also add “pissa” to “wicked awesome,” but my bosses may not understand the New England verbiage and find it offensive). They are chewy, delicious and you can feel the sugar granules in between your teeth. We eat them stale, we eat them fresh and ohhhhhhhh…….they are oh sooooo yummy. And there they were, sitting on the stairs this morning, freshly dropped off from the evil Easter Bunny (who also left some yummy chocolate figures of himself which I can’t wait to decapitate after I talk the kids out of eating them)! The EB obviously stopped at “The Wal-Marts” (poking fun at my parents here) just like me, to buy a plethora of colors and animal Peeps on the 3-fer sale.

You see, this is the first year I have sworn them off. Why? Because I could eat them until I had a stomach ache and had Peep vomit backwash in my throat (if you are a Peep fan, you can taste that now – ewww). I could absolutely eat one package after the other. If I start, I can’t stop (just like Candy Corn). You should all be proud of me for having enough willpower to forgo one of my favorite treats this year?

OMG – they are doing medical research on my marshmallow friends!

Whoever made his video needs to get a life (safe for work)!

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  1. Whoever made that video probably needs money – lots of money. Because they are going to have to BUY a life. I don’t think they have enough brain cells to get their very own life without purchasing it.

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