darkroast1500-s.gifimages.jpgCommunity Coffee vs. Dunkin Donuts is what I’m talking about here. You see, if you have been neglectful in reading KMG this week, you may have missed that I am up in Boston (Bahstahn) now, visiting family for a week. I am convinced that Bostonians have a coffee addiction problem worse than any state in the U.S.? Why Greta? Glad you asked. Well, first off, I’ll quote you from a friend, “You could swing a dead cat and couldn’t miss hitting a Dunkin Donuts.” Even a town the size of Bourbon Street has at least 2 drive-thru stores plus one in The Wal-Marts (poking fun at my parents again). A medium cup is less than $2 and if you ask for a “regular” coffee, you get a regular coffee (no mess-ups). It is not uncommon to see people walking around all hours of the day with a DD foam cup in their hand, in fact, it is the norm.

When I lived in Texas and Oklahoma, I ordered DD coffee on-line. For a while there, I had my parents buy it in bulk and shove it in their suitcases, then the on-line magic occurred. Now I could buy it in the supermarket (a recent thing) as could you. And here is the dilemma, I am now a Community Coffee addict!!!! I bought tons of CC’s to give as a gift to the people I visit in MA! They all looked at me cross-eyed, like I upset their DD world!

So what is a southern transplant to do????

OK CC’s, listen up!!! Time to get real! You need to copy the DD drive-thru model, hence sticking one about every 10 feet in Louisiana. Maybe join with a local pastry shop or better yet, a healthful snack company (can’t think of one off the top of my head) and plow forward with the dream of making the world CC’s addicts. I am not a Starbuck’s fan (Bucky’s) as the bitter after-taste is yuck. I think you can do it CC’s – come on, worth a team try!!! If nothing else, do it in LA and beat DD to the punch!

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5 Replies to “CC’s vs DD’s Coffee”

  1. Anyone know why the CC’s on Hwy 21 closed up shop? I was moved to tears when I pulled up and nobody was home!

  2. I am not a coffee drinker so I have no first hand experience. However, I have learned from my working in the tourist industry, no one but New Orleanians can take that fine chicory. The Yanks are too wimpy for that strong cup of the joe.

  3. I’m a Yankee hoping to become a transplant to the south VERY soon but I’ve had Community Coffee delivered to my home for over 2 years. You couldn’t pay me to drink Dunkin Donuts coffee! Some of their other drinks aren’t bad but their coffee is SO weak and tasteless. Give me chicory any day! 🙂

  4. Back in the 80’s, we had a DD downstairs in our building on Mass Ave across from the Berklee School of Music. I’m a Lakeview boy, but I got to love my morning DD coffee and culler on the way into work – especially on those days when the snow was coming down!

    “Time To Make The Donuts!”

  5. Greta,
    It must be horrid to have a mom who has never had a cup of coffee. You were unable to seduce me even with those marvelous looking creations with whipcream on top. The coffee taste to me was awful. Guess there will me much moolah saved by me for other little pleasures, since it certainly isn’t being spent on coffee. Think of all the $ that could be saved with a quota of 1 cup per day of bought coffee or 1 week without it. Has it replaced cigarettes? They were harmful though, so coffee addiction is better in that way.
    Love you, Mom

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