Googled yourself lately? Come one, fess up, I know you have! Have you done it without quotation marks, with quotation marks, including your hometown? Does it give you a rush to know that you have some place on teh internets (not a typo)? Does it validate your existence – if so, you are as pathetic as the rest of us? I fess up, I am a Google addict! My goal is to have my blogs have high Google rankings (and I’m doing pretty darn good). Ya see, when you Google something, you only care about the first Google page that comes up – the top 10 searches. Nobody cares about page 2 (no offense to people who for some strange reason are trying to hide on page 5). So let’s play a bit. When I type in:
* “Greta” or Greta – I come up #8 – which puts me on the front page – woot woot!
* “Greta Perry” – yeeha – #1
* New Orleans blogger – #6 – front page
* Princess of Positive – #1
* Louisiana Humor #8 – front page – that one is my favorite!
* Mandeville blog – #9 – front page

Actually, it is a little scary, because if I were trying to apply for a job today and didn’t want anyone to read my stuff- I’d be screwed. But, since my new career angle is to get everyone to read my stuff, I guess I am doing pretty darn good. I do take the almighty Google very seriously, but try not to lose too much sleep over it. Really, my only goal is to have readers and eventually achieve world domination (maybe in a few years). Oh ya, and have a successful radio show that will eventually lead to a pay check. OMG – April 19th my show starts – I am soooooo excited! Maybe I should re-evaluate all my goals to include pay??? Patience Obi-Greta….

Anyhoo, I have been searching for this scene from “The Jerk” – and I found it! Yes, the quote in the title is from “The Jerk.” This one is for you Clifford. Maybe a few beers improved my Google search capabilities last night! Below is the scene where Steve Martin finds his name in the Phone Book and is very excited (safe for everyone)! P’shaw – and to think bloggers can get pissy about being listed in directories bwahahaha!

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One Reply to “Things are going to start hapening to me now”

  1. Hmmm. You look for a clip from ‘The Jerk.’ And you dedicate to…… me.

    I think I’ve just been insulted. And by the Princiss of Positive, no less. How bad is that?? [grin!!!]

    Happy 01 April!

    BTW – Did you like my 1 April post at LACon?

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