If you haven’t heard by now, (get out of your bubble) there is a new radio show in town! Yeppers – Kiss My Gumbo radio on WIST AM 690 from 3:00 – 4:00 (PM for those slow people- like anyone would listen the other time slot-bwahahaha). The show is light & fun (I’ve only had 1 so far) – perfect for riding in the car on a Saturday afternoon to and from Jazzfest or a sporting event. Now here is where you come in readers…you all know some zany local characters (maybe even you) that you think are worthy of the world knowing about. Your crazy Uncle Boudreaux, a co-worker whose stories you like to tell when you are out drinking, that neighbor…get the picture? Well…I WANT THEM ON MY SHOW! I am the hostess but this show is for you – the community – the greater New Orleans area, the Gulf Coast and beyond! I don’t want the “big names” that make it to the airwaves Monday through Friday – I want the “other” people like you and me!

PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I need at least 2 guests per show for 10 minute segments (yes- even during Jazzfest)! The show is live and you can call in too!

If you don’t want to leave a comment about your psycho mother-in-law who wears lampshades on her head at every family party – email me at gretaperry@gmail.com

Kiss My Gumbo readers are the best in the world! As always – you can get your helping at NOLA.com or my personal blog almost every day of the week!

7 Replies to “Searching for radio show guests”

  1. I’d be willing to help you out in the guest department, just let me know ‘zactly what you’re lookin for. If you want me as a guest, I’d be more than happy to oblige, but I think I would put people to sleep. I don’t know much about things that aren’t Water Resources Engineering and the Marine Corps.

  2. Greta, I’m with Ryan, I can probably suggest a bunch of folks to you, but I think you need to give us some ideas as to the type of guest you want. One person immediately came ot mind as someone who could use the radio exposure, but then this person is usually too angry an individual to click well with the “Princess of Positive” I’m not just teasing you here, you know what I mean. I’m guessing you want interesting but non-confrontational talk.

  3. Hi Greta !
    You are just great on the radio. Am listening to you now & decided to multitask & put in this comment. Proud of you. You never lose your cool except of course on occasion with the kiddos, but you are amazing. Thanks for making a way to listen to you after the fact. Of course, did not know how to get your radio station. Your call in guests are great & interesting. What a super beginning in a new venture.
    Kudos!!!! Mom

  4. Hey Greta,
    I’d love to come on and talk about The House that Yarn Built. You can find more info at http://www.thehousethatyarnbuilt.com or visit my regular blog. I grew up in Louisiana and have been exiled to Florida for six year. (Hubby took a job here) One thing I have found out is that Florida may be Southern geographically, but it isn’t SOUTHERN. I live with a bunch of people from New Jersey.

  5. Greta:
    It is get even time. My daughter is coming down from Boston for Jazzfest. She was offended by your father’s comments about my work in Boston. I told her you were the “Princess of Positive” and that you were having some fun. If you want us to go on your radio show together, that would be fun. Seeing your from Randolph and I’m from Quincy, and we both love the Red Sox. By the way, if anyone wants to look at all the work your father said I didn’t do, be my guest at http://www.getcited.org/mbrx/PT/99/MBR/11100309 . Hope to hear from you. Keep up the good work. I love your blog.

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