ant.gifimages.jpg Rob Schneider’s character in the Water Boy cracks me up when he yells “You can do it!” We are all like the ant moving the rubber tree plant or Rosie the Riveter – we are all significant cogs in the world, our state, our community. We can all make a difference somehow on some level.

Sometimes life sucks and you don’t think you can make lemonade out of all the lemons. I get it! But we all have to chip in and start changing our attitudes to make New Orleans and the surrounding areas stronger and better than ever! You know that California commercial with Arnold and a bunch of stars telling you why they love CA? Well… I really buy into it. I think they all do love it there (btw- I lived there for 2 years and chose to move here). They have pride in their state and all it has to offer. So why do I not feel the same way about the place I live? Now I certainly am not talking about everybody – and I don’t think people do it intentionally – but sometimes out of habit, locals can be very pessimistic and cynical. Maybe it is because I love it here so much and have my “listen to people talk about my new home” radar up that I pick up on the negative stuff. Yes, I often counter them with something positive too (an annoying habit – I know).

Remember when you had a bad break-up with a boy or girlfriend because they did something lousy to you? Then for some stupid reason, you got back together with them and expected everyone to forget the bad stuff they did to you (I have a friend who married her ex-husband – ouch). This may be a little stretch – but this is how I see some locals (in my deranged little mind) damaging their own economy. If you are miserable – who wants to hang with you? If we bitch & complain about everything – who will want to come and visit us? Like there isn’t enough bad stuff in the media to counter, we need to all preach and believe that we all live in a great area and tell others to come and visit. The pride, the ownership, the traditions, the culture…there is so much to love and embrace! And if you don’t like something – help fix it! You can do it!

Let’s say you won’t go vacation in New Jersey because your friend’s sister’s cousin told you not to because it smelled really bad. You may think twice about it for a vacation destination, when in fact Sea Isle City is really pretty and smells like the ocean. Am I making any sense?

Life is not perfect, even for the Princess of Positive (trust me on this one). We all have personal, family, financial, and whatever else there is – stuff happen to us. But overall – life is pretty fabulous! So….talk it up – tell all your friends and family to visit and move here. What are you waiting for???? Let’s kick CA’s ass and be the best tourist destination spot and place to run a company!

I am the self-proclaimed goodwill ambassador for the greater New Orleans area and I would love to have you join my team!

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