*** The House of Blues: I chaperoned a bunch of 6th graders to the House of Blues for a field trip. I was more excited than most of them because this was my first time there &… WOW! $12 for my kid (including bus cost) and $5 for me – this was soooo worth every penny. First, we got a little art edumacation with our tour guide Andrew (I asked him to be on my radio show in the future – he was a cool character). He did more in one hour to entice their little minds into art than…well… than most could. Next, we were brought in to the main room where we were seated for the performance. There was a full band, a fabulous lead singer and 2 narrators – I was pleasantly blown away. The kids learned about the history of Blues from before it was Blues to Jimmy Hendrix to the music of today. There was so much educational material thrown at them orally, musically and interactively that I know their little brains got something out of it (at least mine did). Dang I wished I had a beer (lol).img_3478.JPG

*** Napoleon House: #1 son and I headed to meet up with Yatpundit (& a zillion other blogs) for lunch. I had a delish tuna steak sandwich (which was sooo thick it wouldn’t stay in the bun) and a couple of Abitas – the prices were very reasonable. The courtyard atmosphere was typical French Quarter fabulous and we all had a great time. Yatpundit gave me a copy of his book and of course, insisted on an autograph to go with it! I am starting to get a nice collection of autographed books:)

*** The French Quarter: #1 son and I walked around and went into some art galleries and shops for an hour. We talked about if he would be a “Country Mouse” or a “City Mouse” when he grows up. He said he loved them both and might have to pick the burbs like we live in (so he can be close to both). We stopped at Rodrigue’s Studio to see the Blue Dogs and saw the new unique silver ones for $15K a piece. We are sooo going to the exhibit at NOMA when school get out! Here is a picture of my son’s 4th grade class’s Blue Dog projects (sincerest form of flattery).img_3399.JPG

*** The DMV: For all those that followed the saga of my boat trailer & the DMV – you will be happy to know that the DMV took note of my lil ole’ blog and sent me a nice apology letter for my inconvenience. Too bad I didn’t get the executive help before the headache – but nice to know they care:) Now…how do we fix the problem of difficult boat trailer registration in LA???

*** Kiss My Gumbo radio: woot woot – got 2 special guests for this upcoming show. One guest is someone who appears on regular radio shows – but this will be a fun interview – none of that heavy stuff! I was waffling on whether it is better to announce my guests or not. For now, I think I will keep them on the QT & just try and coax you into listening on Saturdays from 3:00-4:00 on WIST AM 690! Ya – I’ll put the podcast up as soon as I get it because I know that many of you will be drunk off your arses at Jazzfest by then!

*** Soldiers’ Angels: 327 soldiers are waiting to be adopted. Do something to support the troops today! Your commitment for adoption is a letter a week with 1-2 small packages a month. Proud to say I have 2 adopted soldiers.

***Blood Drive: Saturday, April 26, 2008 10 AM – 2 PM
for Baby Mira
The Lampstand Christian Books & Gifts
5280 Hwy 22

Baby Mira is being delivered April 24, 2008. Mira has Omphalocele which requires surgery soon after birth and she will need to receive blood. Please sign up today to donate for her! The Blood Mobile will be at The Lampstand Saturday, April 26th from 10 AM – 2 PM. Bring your id and don’t forget to eat a hearty meal before. For criteria to donate blood click here. Call Alissa @ 845-2123 or email info@thelampstand.net to schedule your time to donate.

*** As always – you can read Kiss My Gumbo on NOLA.com or my personal blog!