Besides the fact that you might get shot (just kidding tourists), trust me – you somehow, directly or indirectly, know the person you just flipped off! I mean there is small town and then there is big small town and then there is New Orleans. I’ve written a couple of times in the past about Kevin Bacon and the 6 degrees of separation. Well…this past weekend, somebody said to me that New Orleans has 4 degrees of separation and I’m starting to think it might be just 2!

I hear Twilight Zone music when I start chatting with people – seriously – it creeps me out! I think I may start carrying around a flow chart with me & who I have met so far and how I know them! Since I don’t answer the, “Where did you go to school” question with a high school response (that is such a local thing), I think I have to justify my identity! Oh…you know Eric Asher…well here is how I know him and then we can do Madden types of lines, X’s & circles to see where we connect!

So while you are at Jazzfest over the next 2 weeks, remember to be on your best behavior because the person you flip off will undoubtedly be: your kid’s teacher, your spouse’s co-worker, your potential customer, your future in-law…capice? And if you see some drunk chick on Sunday with a tiara that says “Princess of Positive” – you better say hi & not flip me off!

Be good everyone and have a great time! Don’t drink & drive!

*Don’t forget that Saturday from 10-2 is a blood drive at the Lampstand in Mandeville for baby Mira who was born today & needs your blood. Heck – go give blood then head to Jazzfest for a cheap buzz!

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