Well – I survived. I guess I even more than survived – I had a pretty good time. I am my own worst critic!!! I have already been told that my microphone was not shut off during a break and everyone could hear me yapping away GRRRRRR. I also know I talked over my intro a bit. Dangit – for now on I am wearing the headphones full time! As a matter of fact – I may never take them off again for fear of forgetting to put them on *giggle snort*. I wonder if my tiara will fit over them?

Station name: I am not sure if I could have screwed up “AM 690 WIST New Orleans Real Talk” any more than I did. If my success was measured on screwing up the station name – I did very well (lol). Yep – I slipped a “real radio” in there too – 50 lashes with a cold Abita beer for me.

Nerves: Certainly I wasn’t as nervous as the first show- but I was still nervous. Why am I so nervous? I guess because I really would like to make a career out of this and it is either sink or swim. I’d prefer not to sink! The bottom of Lake Pontchartrain is probably pretty nasty with dead cow carcasses right now (ewwwww).

Organization: Y’all know I am a professional organizer, so not have everything work as planned is it a bit unnerving for this camper. I need to be over prepared and ready to speak alone for longer periods of time about certain subjects. I also need to just roll with the punches. I think having more callers will come with time and I look forward to that!

Guests: Having Bob Cerasoli, the Inspector General of New Orleans was an absolute treat. My feet hadn’t touched the ground since he agreed to be on the show. Having his daughter call in was very cool too! What a fabulous guy! And I ain’t just saying that because… BTW – huge compliment that he and his daughter read my blog. I LOVE my readers!

I just briefly touched on Jim Bernazanni leaving his FBI post with Bob Cerasoli and let me tell you – he was truly saddened to hear the news. He had just learned about it before the show when I let him read the story on my laptop. Sounds like he is losing a good friend and ally – bummer for New Orleans too! Someone has some big shoes to fill!

The author of My Bayou Vieux
was my other guest and she was a hoot to have on! She is a great blogger and her critter problems cracked me up!

The next show: Well, I already have my guest booked. I have 2 polar opposites of the political spectrum on the show but neither will be talking about politics. Ya – that is going to be strange. But radio is live – so you never know what will happen! Of course, you are encouraged to call in and stir things up for me just a bit for me. Let me remind you – that there will be voting going on that day too. I am looking to book future guests – so let me know if you or someone you know want to be on the air gretaperry@gmail.com

Jazzfest: Bummer it rained today for Jazzfest and my son’s baseball game today. I’m heading to Jazzfest – rain or shine tomorrow. I’ll be the one with the tiara on – say hi!!!

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  1. Sorry I missed your show. My son had a baseball game last Saturday. Glad to hear it went well. He has another one tonight so I won’t be able to get over to Beth’s tonight for AI. Get rid of Poopy or Brooke for me.

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