“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”
~Mark Twain~

* Took my daughter to Dot’s Diner for breakfast after her appointment at Ochsner (corrected spelling) in New Orleans. What a little gem of a diner with large helpings and also very inexpensive. Our waitress Danica was adorable and my daughter was convinced that she made the hot chocolate piled with whip cream and chocolate sauce – just for her.

* Why are we complaining about $50 Jazzfest tickets? We aren’t paying $50 for parking on top of it. The best deal money can buy if you ask me. The very reason I don’t go to concerts anymore – $100 for Hannah Montana – come on.

* They’re back – I’m talking about Lovebugs – UGH!!!

* We have too many murders. I think we need the mothers of the criminals and the victims to join together and create a campaign about the pain in losing a child to murder or the prison system. I think it would make many young men think twice – don’t you? I know drugs cloud all judgment but mothers could take back the city for us!

* Thank you donor for your emptying your pockets for a generous donation!

* My 2nd radio show podcast is up!

* Smile!

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