Let me start by saying – WAY TO GO HORNETS!!!

Stop & smell the good news because the bad news is taking over our attitudes – ya know what I mean? Let’s face it, for the most part -the news just sucks & is depressing! But, if you are like me – you are somewhat addicted to knowing what is going on in your surroundings (my name is Greta and I have a news addiction problem).

Why oh why do we all zone in on the negative news so much? Is it because it stands out like that big zit or chin or is it because it is our way of rubbernecking from the comfort of our own home? I’m not sure of the answer – but my guess is if there were 5 stories about cute fluffy bunnies on the front page of the Times-Picayune and one about a murder – you would ignore the little fuzzballs. I guess it is human nature – sad to say. If I were to try a daily news publication with only feel good news – I think the fluffy bunnies would be the only ones buying it.

My dear friend Belle from MS, loves to send me good news stories about Louisiana. She knows how much The Princess of Positive (yours truly) loves it here and she thinks it worthy of her time to send me good news. I love getting her stuff – it makes me smile! (hint hint readers gretaperry@gmail.com) Lookie what I got for good news today:

The Corps is really trying to help us by diverting water around the city.

Nagin has something good come out of his mouth for a change.

*Jindal does well on The Tonight Show with Leno

* Louisiana is getting more money for early childhood education

* Presidential debate hopefully coming to New Orleans

So do me a favor. When you are reading the news this week, pick out a feel good story and actually read it!

* Yo dawgs (my AI talk there) – read KMG on NOLA.com or my personal blog almost each and every day
(sometimes my brain is fried)!

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  1. Awww, thanks Greta! You’re the best. Since I was born in NOLA, it will always have a special place. And nearly all my dad’s family live somewhere in Louisiana. It is my home away from home, so to speak. Can’t wait to meet you face to face soon!

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