showletter-4.jpgBreak out the bug spray!!! Skin so Soft…whatever (now I will be swarmed by Avon ladies – first one to contact me from Mandeville gets my business). I got this letter from Pelican Park (where my kids play sports) and wanted to share with y’all.

Dear Park user,

This email is a reminder to always use mosquito spray when outside and especially when visiting the Park. Spray your children and yourself whenever you are at the Park.

Mosquitoes are part of life in Louisiana and the Recreation District and Mosquito Control work hand in hand to keep the Park sprayed as much as possible. Mosquito Control regularly fogs the Park and conducts aerial sprays. Mosquito control sets traps in the Park to monitor species and numbers to help them in determining when to spray.

We learned today, that test results in the Mandeville/Park area showed a few mosquitoes that tested positive for the West Nile virus. Mosquito control has stepped up their spraying and testing of the Mandeville area.

Use of mosquito spray by all patrons will assist in protecting yourself from mosquitoes. As a service to the public, the Recreation District will begin selling spray/wipes from their concessions in the event a parent forgets their bug spray.

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