The Princess of Positive (yours truly) spends a lot of time on the internet (probably too much – I confess). But, because of it, I have made friends all over the world that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet (on-line and met many in person). My on-line persona is the very same as the way I am in “real” life – what you read is what you get. Ya – I write like I talk (love it or hate it). I also don’t blog or comment anonymously at any time and sign my name to everything.

The internet is the most amazing tool in the world, good or bad, depending on how you use it. For many, forums (places where you can reply or place a comment on pretty much anything) and blogs (what you are reading) are places where people can talk about their passion, opinions, gossip, carry on honest debate, share information, and help others (internet fundraising and charity work is way cool). Forums such as those found on NOLA.com can be wonderful places. Say you lost your dog in Covington – you could post it on there and someone may be able to help you. But, on the flip-side, they can be nasty, negative, and often times become the bowels of teh internets. If you ever read the comments to many of the articles from the Times-Picayune that are on NOLA.com – you will see a negative pattern and OUCH – some pretty vile stuff. Notice that almost all the nasty stuff written out there is hidden behind a fake identity with no e-mail to respond to them directly. People are willing to say whatever they want when they can do it anonymously. If you can’t sign your name to it – don’t say it!!!

Go ahead, spend an hour reading the comments on NOLA.com and visiting the forums and I promise you that you will either: walk away in total disgust, shake your head wondering who these angry and hateful people are, become enraged and need an immediate sedative, become a participant yourself, swear to never look back or become a rubbernecker.

Someone recently asked me how I tolerate blogging for NOLA.com when the commenters can be so awful. My dear friend’s advice to me, “It is their problem – not yours.” I do get many personal attacks on NOLA.com and am called names (stupid, retarded, clueless) – whatever! Like I say to my kids when someone calls them something hurtful, “Is it true?” Well, then don’t worry about it and don’t let the other kid see you being bothered by it or they will do it even more!

“Treat others on the internet as you would in person!” As for the anonychickens who live for writing nasty and negative stuff – me thinkest you need a dose of positive medicine and maybe some anger management therapy! Don’t ruin the party for the rest of us!

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