* Why do I ever use a self-checkout lane? I have a 75% chance of screwing something up and needing to deal with the supervisor. The supervisor scolded me at “the walmarts” today for not placing each item in a bag – you gotta be kidding me! Geesh – trying to save the Earth is tough work! If I have a receipt – who cares if it is in a bag or not???

* We had my son’s 10th birthday party at Paint-ball Command in Mandeville. You have to be 10 to play – so this was something he waited for all year long. A couple of his pals and some dads played and I’m not sure who had more fun. We were so impressed with the owners, their emphasis on safety, attention to detail and the way they run the place! We’ll be back!

* Do you snort cocaine if you are having a heart attack? Glad to know this whole story about cocaine being found by a Mandeville Elementary School student was a big oopsie! Memo to the lab that goofed – please double check your work before releasing results to the public! I was scared to give my daughter more than her daily 50 cents for snack – LOL! Mandeville Elementary is an amazing school and this story was strange to begin with – glad it is over!

* Muriel’s in Jackson Square was fantabulous. Great atmosphere and the food was amazing (beet salad, wine and crab cakes and I was a happy camper). The kiddos were happy with the usual kid meals that they had on the menu. A big thanks to my neighbor for telling me to ask about the 3 ghosts that haunt the building. My son was convinced that the toilet flushed again after he got up. Funny, because typically, boys never even flush once!

* I’m glad we tried Mi Mamacita’s in Mandeville again. Great food, salsa & Margaritas!

* The kids get out of school Wednesday. I am in Summer vacation denial!

* I asked for a house cleaning fairy and I got one today – thanks Deb! She is very pretty & I sure hope she works!

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  1. You’re most welcome, Greta.

    My fairy has been a bit lazy of late, but I’m hoping she’ll do her job after the boys leave next week. There’ll be much less to keep up with then.

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