Considering more people seem to know who was competing on AI than who is running for office or how many pennies make a 100…time to get on with our lives now world. AI is over until January 2009.

I admit – huge AI goofball fan. In fact, I even live blog it with friends (pathetic I know). They compete and we heckle – sooooo juvenile but sooooo much fun – LOL! It came down to the 2 Davids and David Cook was one of my faves from the beginning. He didn’t have the following of 14-16 yo girls like David Archuleta, but in the end – yeppers the one I wanted WON!!! Yay David Cook!!!

Birdman should have made it to the final 12!!! Now get this (safe for work) song out of your head today! Funny – I wrote the draft before the show and then Birdman actually performed – LOL!

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