businesses I have visited, people I have met, and events I have attended. I feel like I am sprinkling “positive” fairy dust around sometimes (at least in my own whacky imagination). And I am finally starting to think that people want more of this! They want more of the positive and less of the negative! Notice Chris Rose’s columns as of lately and the speech from Mayor Nagin – positive stuff! Maybe it could/should be the new craze.

I won’t dare say that “The Princess of Positive” is making a huge impact from my little ole’ blog or my radio show…or am I? I have referred to anything I do as “Nudging Mountains.” Who knows, if I can somehow bring a positive attitude to one person and they share that attitude with 2 friends…and so on…and so on…and so on – maybe? Just maybe this cockamamie theory that the New Orleans area needed this kind of attitude is paying off – maybe it is contagious. No matter what – I’ll keep on trying to share it with you!

New catch phrase for the greater New Orleans area, “Positively moving forward!!!”

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