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My neighbors, Michelle & Boudreaux, have taken up a cause that I think we should all jump aboard and help with. They have created a 501(c)(3) to help a little girl from Mandeville, 4 year old, Mary Payton Vigil, get a treatment for a rare neurological disorder that is fatal. Why? Because there is an experimental treatment scheduled to take place in July which will cost the family $50,000 out of pocket. Because Mary Payton has such a rare disease that the treatment is not covered by insurance. If the treatment works, she will need repeat treatments for the rest of her life. Please help!

Mary Payton was recently diagnosed with a fatal, very rare neurological disorder. She’s four and the average age of a child with this disease is between 8-12. Research has been very little because the disease is so rare; it only affects about 200 kids a year. There is some research that has shown with early treatment of umbilical cord stem cell injections, the progression of the disease can be stopped or slowed down. Once the function is lost, it cannot be regained. Last year, Mary Payton was running and playing just as any of our children would. This year, her sight is deteriorating and she cannot walk alone. We need to move fast before she losses any more function. They also have a 2 year old daughter as well who has a 25% chance of having the same disease.

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