I have to go to a baseball game before the girl’s night out – so I am dressing – just OK. Opting not to wear the Sara Jessica mile high hat because it may annoy someone at the ball field *snicker.* Rumor has it that all shows are sold out tonight in Covington’s 2 theaters – on-line purchases are so nice! We are stopping at N’Tinis in Mandeville for – duh – Cosmos (which I hate) before the show. I’ll fill you in on the rest when I get home!!!

Update: Just got back from my night out. I really can’t tell you anything about the movie, but just say – GO SEE IT!!!! If you were a huge fan of the show, you will be thoroughly entertained by the movie. If you are a guy considering going, power to you. You see, there was more estrogen in the theater tonight than should be allowed by law. And the poor 16yo who had to deal with technical difficulties in the middle of the movie – I feared he would get a stiletto through his forehead!

Note to self – toss the shoes that looked good with outfit tonight. No need to try and be all Sex & the City high fashion!

BTW – the appetizers at N’Tinis were delish – must go back there again!!!

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