Yes, I’m talking about summertime and kids arguing – oh joy! And for those idiots, like myself, who stay home with the rugmonsters and always have a house full of kids, extra joy! Oh ya, I also have one of the few pools on the block – so my kids are very popular in the summer and I get to referee the, “he splashed me and she got me wet” drama. And ewwwweee, some of the nasty stuff that comes out of the mouths of our babes. Sure, kids learn by example (TV, movies, us – like in a Christmas Story), but they also don’t have the vocabulary and mature emotions to deal with some problems themselves. Who are we kidding, many adults don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with problems the right way *giggle snort.*

Since school has been out, your truly, The Princess of Positive, has had to deal with too many arguments between siblings and friends to count (say it ain’t so Greta). Siblings, well, you can kind of expect that crud and it just intensifies the more they are around each other. Those dang kids will fight about the stupidest stuff!!! When my 2 youngest really get on each others nerves (on a daily basis)- they both lose playing with friends and have to prove to me they can get along and play well together before they earn it back. Trust me – this is punishment for me too!!! As for their friends, it is hot, they are playing (maybe too long) and they are going to argue and say the words, “You aren’t my friend anymore.” Usually harmless and brushed off in 2 minutes, or it can drag on for too many days. Don’t even get me going about sleepovers – everyone pays the next day – the parents & the kids – because everyone is crabby! Who invented those anyways? Must be the same moron that invented loot bags for birthday parties.

The parental dilemma – when do we step in? When do we become “buttinskys?” I let my son and his BFF “not be friends” for about 3 days and I knew they both were both miserable. I “kind of” suggested a call and in 2 seconds they forgot they were ever mad a each other – that simple. Phew! Princess Whinalot spewed a few ugly words at her BFF & I gave her the choice of playing nicely or sitting by her lonesome – you betcha she ran over and apologized (such girl drama).

I have witnessed a few examples of parents getting, shall we say, “over-involved” with typical kid garbage. Some parents need to learn to let kids work it out on their own and STEP AWAY!! Parents that jump in and get mad at the other parent of the kid that their kid got in a fight with – puh-leeze!!! Wussification of American children – created by parents – just appalling!

I DO NOT claim to be parent of the year. I have told you many times that I resemble Linda Blair in the Exorcist with my head spinning 360 and green slime coming out of my mouth. I’d love to hear your opinion, advice or stories (this is where you leave a comment). Because, if you know a kid or were one, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
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